Audi R8 V10 Gen 2

This unique R8 is what spawned the phenomena that is CFI Designs. Owned and crafted from the mind of founder, this R8 is the culmination of decades of experience and collaboration. Many twin-turbo systems exist in the modern world but none offers the precision, simplicity and sculpture work found on CFI Designs solutions. Mirrored Precision Performance turbos, hand formed and welded ducting, intercooler, oil piping and exhaust systems have the exacting figment at or better than OEM tolerations..

Stage 1

(2) Garett Gen2 3582 Reverse Rotation
(2) TiAL MV-R Wastegate
(2) TiAl 50mm Blow Off Valve
(2) CFI Billet Air to Water Intercooler
(2) CFI Billet Front mounted Heat Exchanger (tube/fin)
Billet Brushless Waterpump
CFI ECU and TCU tune
3.5” Stainless Exhaust Tubing (Optional Ceramic Coating with Color Options)
Stainless Steel Hard Lines for Oil and Manifold Pressure
-12 to -16 Water Lines
1.5 gallon Liquid Water Reservoir Ice Box
Hydro Flow Connections at All Flexible Joints